45 members

Being part of a workshop, members can look into the future

Recently, 45 employees of our Indian wortundtat partner AMG met with wortundtat representatives in a future-oriented workshop in the Indian city of Chennai. Having looked back on their over 40-year cooperation to begin with, they subsequently considered how this could be developed in future. During the meeting, wortundtat chair Heinrich Deichmann thanked the Indian participants for their work, which had made positive developments for poor and underprivileged people possible.

The workshop revealed how much potential for development the cooperation with both organisa-tions entails.

The workshop revealed how much potential for development the cooperation with both organisations entails. Large picture: as a sign of the close attachment, wortundtat chair Heinrich Deichmann presented AMG Director Arun Kumar Mohanty with a plaque, which expresses the sentiment of the partners: “United in Christ – together for the poor”.

However, it was vital to develop the cooperation further. Both, the providers in Central Europe as well as the recipients of help in India had undergone a lot of changes during these 40 years. Germany had to adapt to these changes as much as the work of the helpers. Even more than before, one wanted to help people to live in dignity. Figuratively speaking this means: as far as possible, everybody should be able to stand or his or her own two feet and provide for him or herself. “We don’t want to treat those in need like beggars, but we want to ensure that they can help themselves”, said Heinrich Deichmann.

Aid recipients can and shall become active

Ideally, every aid recipient should think about how he or she can give something back or how to help others. “Every person has a talent, which he or she is able to contribute to society. If we are successful in activating these talents, wortundtat and its partners will be able to reach significantly more people with the same means”, explained Heinrich Deichmann.

In the following workshop, wortundtat and AMG staff developed joined ideas for possible development steps, which will gradually lead to concrete activities.