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Transparency – open and comprehensible in the use of your donations

At wortundtat, all donations reach the people in need in full.This principle is the promise that the charity makes to all its friends, supporters and outsiders. wortundtat can guarantee it, because all our administration costs and the costs of publicity and advertising are covered by an annual special donation from the Deichmann Foundation.

We allow our partners plenty of freedom in the way they structure their work. At the same time, we support them continuously and offer suggestions and help where we think that aid could be more effective. Our Constitution (only in German language) sets out the aims of our work and that the way that the organisation and its bodies operate (only in German language).

Transparency is important for us. Our financial reporting is therefore regularly audited by independent auditors. To date, they have always issued their audit opinion without reserve (Extract from the Annual Accounts for the year ending 31.12.2022 – only available in German language).Over 50 percent of the income account was financed by the DEICHMANN-Stiftung Foundation.

Sources of income

Statement of Financial Activities 2022

wortundtat expenditure in 2022 was clearly impacted by The Russian Federation aggression against Ukraine, especially in the Republic of Moldova. Many people fled to Ukraine’s neighbour. Local wortundtat partner Gloria employees took over initial care of refugees and volunteers helped organise numerous onward transport trips to Germany.

Expenditure of the partner in Greece reported a slightly higher total, which also provided and continues to provide aid to refugees from Ukraine. The various activities undertaken on behalf of war refugees have been documented.

Regarding our German partner, conversion of the “Stern im Norden” building was also reflected in expenditure. In the meantime, the building is also being used by a daycare centre.

Generally speaking, expenditure in Tanzania remained stable. Over the reporting period, preparations were undertaken for various new programmes launching in 2023, such as strategic, structural and personnel organisation of the Agricultural School.

Engagement in India with new partners continued, albeit at a modest level. The work of the organisations continued to experience challenges caused by requirements stipulated by the Indian state. wortundtat was therefore hampered in its operations.

wortundtat invested just over EUR 6 million in 2022, while spending a similar amount to that reported in the previous reporting period. 96 percent of the total amount flowed into the projects. A good EUR 250,000 was reported as administration, advertising and public relations expenses. Increased expenditure for these three latter items was the result of increased travel, which resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic, and additional expenditure for public relations and advertising-related items.

Detailed information on activities in 2022 may be found in our Impact Report.

Distribution of expenses