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Donate now to Tanzania, Greece, Moldova and Germany – Your money will be spent where it is needed

Thank you for helping people in need. We assure you that your donation is in good hands with wortundtat:

The German Central Institute for Welfare Matters (DZI) certifies that we mange the funds entrusted to us carefully and aware of the associated responsibility. Each Euro reaches those in need, as all administrative costs are covered by a special contribution.
We audit the work provided under the projects during on-site visits and through constant monitoring from Germany.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions:
E-mail: info@wortundtat.de
phone: +49 (0)201 67 83 83
Or please read below and on the Transparency page on how we make sure your money gets to people in need.

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Jakob Adolf, wortundtat project coordinator

Help now by making your donation!

Donation options

1. You can use paypal for your donation.

2. You can donate with your Paypal app using our email address info@wortundtat.de.

3. You can use our bank acount in Germany

Bank: Deutsche Bank Essen
Account name: wortundtat e.V.
IBAN: DE10360700500340048800

wortundtat – a not-for-profit and charitable association

The chairman of wortundtat is Heinrich Deichmann, who closely follows the projects together with his family. A significant part of the aid comes from donations from the Deichmann Foundation. In the meantime, however, a large circle of friends has formed in Europe, contributing another important portion to funding the projects.

In this way, we ensure appropriate use of your donations

All donations benefit the projects with no deductions. Administrative costs are fully covered by a special contribution.

wortundtat has voluntarily undertaken to comply with the standards of the German Central Institute for Welfare Matters (DZI) and to meet the quality requirements of the Institute, which monitors the projects of donor organisations. To this end, wortundtat submits annual accounts and other required documents to the DZI. After auditing, the DZI issues a donation seal valid for one year, a kind of inspection mark that proves wortundtat manages entrusted funds carefully and responsibly. The DZI explains the requirements for organisations that receive the DZI seal on its website: “They are efficient, work in a transparent manner, operate prudently, provide factual and truthful information and have effective control and supervisory structures. In this way, they ensure that donations they receive comply with the charitable purpose”. wortundtat has so far received the donation seal every year since.

In Austria and Switzerland, appropriate inspections are conducted in accordance with the German procedure. In the various application areas, we check whether funds have been used correctly, through our experts, auditing local accounting and by personally looking at activities implemented in the field – where travel is possible – at least once a year. In the Republic of Moldova and Tanzania, the accounting department additionally uses an independent auditing firm.

Donations to wortundtat are tax deductible (in Germany). Donation certification for the tax office will be sent unsolicited at the beginning of the following year, and immediately upon request. Donations up to an amount of 300 Euros can be documented at the tax office without donation certification by submitting a bank statement.