Heinrich Deichmann and Prime Minister Iurie Leancă open the wortundtat hospice in Moldova

In September, the Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leancă and Heinrich Deichmann, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of DEICHMANN SE and son of the wortundtat founder Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann, opened the hospice in Ceadîr Lunga. The Prime Minister welcomed this support, as the hospice would make it possible for people at the end of their lives to spend their last days or weeks in humane surroundings. He admitted that unfortunately the state had currently not always enough financial resources to help the people affected in this difficult situation. Heinrich Deichmann was pleased that wortundtat has the opportunity to help patients who are in the final stages of their illness.

The hospice in Ceadîr Lunga is only the second facility of this kind in the country. It provides enough places to accompany people at the ends of their lives from Ceadîr Lunga and its surroundings. Based on their technical, financial and personnel situation, medical facilities in Moldova are unable to cope with this task. Over the past years, wortundtat time and again met terminally ill people in and around Ceadîr Lunga, who practically vegetated in their flats, with nobody to look after them. Now the hospice is able to remedy this sad situation and make the final days or weeks more bearable.