'star in the north'
invites childen
to play, to learn and
to experience community
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in the film
Ravi Teja embarked
on a long way
from street boy
to student
Children thank
their class sponsors
and other donors
KIUMA gets
two new
Centres ofHope
KIUMA made
Samuel Telelas
professional dream
come true

This is us

wortundtat is a promise to the poorest of the poor – currently 200,000 in five countries. We help

  • - with partners that are native to these countries,
  • - with deeds that alleviate poverty,
  • - with promises of the Bible, which may give people hope beyond today.

wortundtat …

  • - creates self-help facilities.
  • - is happy about quick successes and has – if required – a lot of stamina.
  • - helps, where other help is hardly provided.

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Many examples from our projects demonstrate both in writing and by showing pictures where commitment is absolutely essential. Our new column “The latest figure” shows that many of the fates do not just describe individual cases. 

Our figure in november 2016


In southern Tanzania, eight Centres of Hope offer new perspectives. The facilities provide vocational training and childcare; moreover, they serve as a meeting point for the village community and communal life.


Sponsorships for school classes

We are always looking for sponsors/godparents for our school at the stone quarry in Indian Yeleswaram. See how you can help by donating 24 Euro per month.

School fees in Tanzania

For young people in South Tanzania, education can open the door to a new life. 17 Euro per month are enough.

2.50 a month for milk

2.50 Euro a month is enough to ensure that children can grow healthily during the first years of their life – by drinking a glass of milk every day.