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18. March 2022

18. March 2022

Help us with your donation – Medical care for children of refugees

This is how your donation could help:

  • We need €15 a week in the children’s outpatient unit for masks, medical gloves, injections, paper for the examination bench and other consumables for medical equipment
  • A one-off donation of €75 will pay for a treatment by the paediatrician including all accompanying costs such as treatment material, rent, an interpreter or cleaning of the workplace.
  • We need €270a week to buy medicines and vaccines for our young patients.

How we also help other needy groups

The wortundtat partner helps with a range of medical services. A general practitioner examines refugees and people who are homeless or destitute, prescribes medicines and monitors the healing process.

Two dentists have been providing free dental treatment to adults and children since 2015. In contrast to the state health service, which is quick to extract teeth if major treatment is needed, our dentists try to retain the teeth wherever possible.

A paediatrician is available for several hours on weekdays in the centre for refugee women and their children. Mothers who have made an appointment in advance bring their children to her. Waiting times are short and there is always an interpreter on hand.

In the same centre, women can have an appointment with a gynaecologist who will examine and advise them when pregnant and quickly treat any illness.


Why help is needed

  • Observations by our helpers: Refugees cannot find their way around the health system or avoid official services because they are afraid of negative consequences.
  • Experts report that there is insufficient medical care in the country: “Health services [are] subject to a major patient contribution – a hurdle that is insurmountable for large parts of the population.” (Ärzte der Welt)
  • “Without money, it is impossible to get any health care today.” (Patient survey by Amnesty International, 2020)

Medical services for refugee children – Gallery

Read why we help in the health sector

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wortundtat closes gaps in the health system

wortundtat partners provide a remedy where the state health system does not reach people who need support or treatment.