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wortundtat – closing the gaps in the health system

Medical care for people with no income

Impaired health is often only a problem if left untreated. If the sick can’t afford a doctor. If no doctor can be reached. If the sick think they’ll have problems if they see a doctor. Or if they must accept exceptionally long waiting times. wortundtat partners provide a remedy where the State health system fails to reach people who need support or treatment.

Tanzania – The only hospital in the large region

In the place where our partner in Tanzania works, the nearest hospital is about 70 kilometres away – a distance that very few residents can cover in a reasonable time. Almost no one has a car. In general, medical care is not widely developed compared to international standards. Out of a thousand newborns in Tanzania, almost 32 die before their first birthday – around ten times as many as in Germany. HIV is the highest cause of death in adults*. Malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis and bacterial diarrhoea are also among the most common diseases in the country. People receive poor treatment in a remote region such as the south of the country.

Our KIUMA hospital has 100 beds. It is equipped with an operating theatre, X-ray department and laboratory, and it is well on its way to equalling national standards from the standpoint of quality. The doctors working there focus on treating malaria, respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis and obstetrics. Patients receive treatment for a small fee – those who cannot afford it receive the medical care they need free of charge.

Doctor listening to boy with stethoscope while holding him in his arms
Since the KIUMA Hospital was opened, people in the region now have access to good medical services.

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Republic of Moldova – First inpatient hospice in the country

In the Republic of Moldova, health services are often offered only if people can pay. Many pensioners cannot afford care, so they steer away from getting urgently needed treatment. In addition, qualified doctors leave the country because they have better earning prospects abroad. So, people do not have a doctor near them that they can contact.

Especially in the countryside, many people die alone and without medical care. The wortundtat partner employs various specialist doctors at a medical outpatient clinic. The in-house laboratory undertakes wide-ranging tests, and, at the pharmacy, patients have access to numerous medications at favourable costs. An outpatient nursing service also provides care for patients at home. At the country’s first inpatient hospice, nurses accompany people at the end of their lives.

Guests in the garden of the first inpatient hospice in the Republic of Moldova.
At the country’s first hospice, people can spend their final weeks of life. In places where this help does not exist, many people die alone at home without the comfort of professionals to help them.

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Greece – Fast help with no red tape

For refugees in Greece, access to the State health system is difficult. In addition, many shy away from going to official places for various reasons. Therefore, if a child has a cough or temperature, if there are complications during pregnancy or pain due to a toothache, State health facilities are not always the first port of call.

The gynecologist, pediatrician and dentist working for our Greek partner are a good place to go in such cases. There, people in need receive professional help without much formality. Concerns about a person’s health or that of children can then often be quickly dispersed. The wortundtat partner doctors also welcome homeless Greeks, addicts and others with special needs.

Doctor and young patient

Refugee mothers with their sick children get an appointment with the pediatrician quickly and with few bureaucratic hurdles.

News about our programmes in Greece

An example of how you can help

Just 19 Euros

per week are needed at the children’s outpatient clinic in Athens for masks, medical gloves, syringes, paper for the examination table and other consumables for medical equipment.

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Tailor-made learning

Education is essential to gain independence as human beings, so as not to be dependent on others for a lifetime, to be able to assess and harness the opportunities that the world offers.

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Serving people 

At wortundtat partners, diaconal offers are linked with the opportunity to get to know the Christian faith.