Gruppenbild von Kindern und ihren erwachsenen Betreuern

8. September 2020

8. September 2020

Day care center in Vulcănești – Vacation feeling in one’s hometown

Learning, moving, and playing almost exclusively in the outdoors, small groups and no foreign helpers – that was what, put briefly, the summer vacation program for the children and youths of our partner in the Moldovian Vulcanesti looked like. Even if in the extreme south of the country the number of Coronavirus infected is clearly smaller than in the capital Chisinau, the supervisors wanted to avoid unnecessary risks. There are no appropriate treatment options in the country. Serious illnesses can be treated only poorly. The team of child and youth meeting places “Pearl” is therefore thankful that children and supervisors remained spared from an infection.

Cooling down by the water

The children had a particularly good time during the days on which they were able to go to the nearby lake. There, they cooled off in the water, were together in the open, did sports and had overall a lot of fun. The children were also very eager when they had to collect garbage: The groups used the time to free the lake and the environment of plastic waste. They filled numerous bags, which the adults then brought to the city disposal site. For those very eager to learn, there were in the meeting places small teaching units, for example English, music, and Bible studies.

Even the food didn’t come off badly: Mostly, it was self-made for breakfast and lunch. The absolute high point was the day on which the trunk of the team bus opened and the children smelled the scent of fresh pizza: Vacation feeling purely at their hometown.

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Pizza from the boot of the team bus

Summer camp – Impressions from the camp

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