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30. May 2023

30. May 2023

“I can finally read and write” – Afghan woman learning at the Good Samaritan Centre.

“I can finally write to my family and friends, read a book or go online! It’s a great feeling”, 35-year-old Afghan Saade says flashing a broad smile. She’s learning to read and write at the Good Samaritan Centre, the community centre for mothers with children at our Partner in Athens.

First day at school – “A new world is opening up”.

She was never able to go to school in Afghanistan, but she has been taking Farsi and English lessons with us for a year and a half. It has opened up a whole new world of knowledge. “I want to become independent and be able to manage things on my own, like filling out forms”, she says, with a hint of impatience in her voice.
Book with text and pictures, woman bending over it and reading
First, Saade is learning to read and write in her native language.

Next goal: a second language – “So I can feel at home”.

After mastering reading and writing in her native language, she has set herself the next goal of learning another language. It will be for a country she’ll be going to go to in the future. She knows that she can only find a job and feel at home if she is proficient in the language of the country where she lives.

Saade has two boys aged three and seven. They are both immensely proud of their mother. The older one is incredibly happy that this mother is studying. He told her he would pray for her so that she might be strong at reading!

In addition to the classroom and practical support, Saade takes part in the workshops we offer teaching handicrafts and fabric dyeing. She hopes that learning about dyeing will help her gain a foothold into the clothing industry. We really admire Saade’s perseverance and her love of learning. She is a shining example for us and hopefully for many other women, too.

Two women look into camera
Ghazal (left) helps Saade learn to read and write and goes with her when she needs help sorting out other matters.

The Good Samaritan Centre – offering a range of practical help

In addition to language courses, the Good Samaritan Centre offers numerous other services for refugee women and their children – including basic medical care, play and learning opportunities for children, a laundromat and a clothes bank.

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