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7. April 2023

7. April 2023

„Cooler than hanging out at home“ – Family meeting center celebrates

The staff at the Dortmund family community centre „Stern im Norden“ and the King’s Kids programme can hardly hope to get greater praise: “Being here was just cooler than hanging out at home,” says 20-year-old Justin. At the “Stern im Norden” celebration party, he told the assembled guests – including wortundtat chairpersons, Susanna and Heinrich Deichmann and Dortmund’s Lord Mayor, Thomas Westphal – how he had been taken to the “Stern” for the first time agaed 7 by an acquaintance: “Carpet tiles, a stage that seemed huge to me, an overhead projector, many unfamiliar faces and songs I had no idea about. There were staff who greeted me, who called me by name, who took me by the hand, who gave their best, who saw me and who made this place a place where I could come and where I could feel at home”.

He got to know many workers at the centre over the following years, who invested time and attention in him and numerous other children from the local area. “Without them, I would still be unaware of some of my talents. The Stern im Norden was, and is, a place that became a second home for me”, Justin said. He likes to remember that after the Kids’ Club (Kindertreff), he would stay with the workers as long as he could when they took him home along with the other children. He just didn’t want to part company. So, when he was too old to be part of the Kids’ and Youth clubs, he jumped at the chance of becoming a “helper”. “I distributed lunches, played games or did other small jobs. And I was happy I was able to be part in the community for a little longer”. And even today, now he’s studying for his high school diploma and training as an educator, he occasionally takes workshops for the kids that are enjoying “Stern” now.

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Justin first came to the “Stern im Norden” at the age of seven.

Heinrich Deichmann – „Passing on God’s love in words and deeds“

Heinrich Deichmann spoke about the motivation underpinning wortundtat that has been involved in the “Stern im Norden” project for 13 years. What happens there is enormously important for the people who live in the Nordstadt district. The city does a lot, but it can’t do everything. There are still major problems with unemployment, homelessness, crime and drugs. These are not ideal conditions for children and young people. Young people needed stable relationships. Children needed shelters, security, support and to learn how to build relationships. Heinrich Deichmann: “And this was just what was happening here. And that is why the work done by “Stern im Norden” is so enormously important. The interface between the people who work here and my family and me is the Christian faith. This faith begins with God’s love. And we don’t want to keep that love to ourselves. We want to pass it on in words and deeds. Just as Jesus went to people who needed him most, likewise, the workers here go to people who need help most. So that this can be achieved, I have gladly agreed to offer my help here”.
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Heinrich Deichmann: “Faith begins with God’s love. And we don’t want to keep that love to ourselves. We want to pass it on in words and deeds”.

Schiffskoje – Day care centre inaugurated

On the anniversary – postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic – the opening of the day care centre “Schiffskoje” finally took place. Their four groups use part of the building and the open-air area. Many friends, neighbours, sponsors and volunteers came and created a cheerful atmosphere after the ceremony.

Impressions from the feast – Something for everyone

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