Viele Menschen an Tischen in einem Speisesaal

5. May 2022

5. May 2022

Donations for Ukraine – This is what happens to your money

We had asked for support for the work of our partners in the Republic of Moldova, Greece and Germany. You can read here how we have been able to help up to the beginning of April 2022:

Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova – Transport and accommodation for refugees

The flood of Ukrainian refugees is not decreasing: People are still fleeing the country and arriving at the Ukrainian-Moldovan border. From here, helpers from our partner pick them up in minibuses and take them to Ceadîr-Lunga. There, they are cared for in our social welfare unit (photo, top) and given temporary accommodation. Then our partner organises the trip onward to Germany for some. In the weeks since the beginning of the war, well over 1,200 people have been taken along this 2,000 km journey. They are now living in German cities. Others have stayed in the Republic of Moldova and can obtain food and clothing in the social welfare unit.

The small, economically very weak Republic between Ukraine and Romania is bearing the enormous burden of this war: At the beginning of April, the news reports stated that around 400,000 refugees were staying there. In relation to the total Moldovan population of around 2.6 million people, this is far more than any other European country has taken. It is therefore essential that help is provided here.

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Over 1,200 people brought to Germany

Help for refugees – Rest, food and then onwards …

Pitești, Romania – Setting up and running accommodation for refugees

Our Greek partner contributed its expertise and staff to help set up a home for refugees, which is now home to five families, or 22 people in total: seven mothers, two fathers and 13 children aged between 20 months and 14 years.

For the mothers with their children, it is very important that their children continue to receive an education and to take part in children’s activities. So it is a good thing that most children are taught by their Ukrainian teachers online. In parallel, we are trying in the camp to develop further, informal educational services. And of course, the children are delighted with all the activities that they can join in, including sports and artistic or craft activities.

Guidance for volunteers

Volunteers help to put up and furnish containers to live in. Our partner explained how best to organise the support offered and what is needed to provide effective aid. A storeroom and management office are also provided. In the storeroom, clothing, food and other essentials are collected and sorted. All the work is done in collaboration with the Romanian authorities. They are dependent on support from voluntary helpers: According to recent estimates, there are around 600,000 refugee Ukrainians in the country.

As soon as the Romanian volunteers can take over the work independently, our team will pull out of there again.

Fünf Frauen beziehen doppelstöckige Betten in einem Wohncontainer

Together, refugee women and helpers make the beds in the containers being used temporarily as accommodation.

A campsite becomes a home for refugees

Dortmund, Germany – Accommodation for mother and teenager and point of contact for mothers and children

The Star in the North was able to take a mother and her teenage son into the residential community. In addition, refugee mothers and children can take part in the programme in the Star: At the children’s and teenagers’ centres and the mums’ café, they can connect with other people in the district and be given advice. Staff from the Star attend seminars on dealing with traumatised children so that they can help their young visitors as specifically and appropriately as possible.

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