Young woman high-fives children as they arrive at a daycare center

29. July 2022

29. July 2022

Pearl daycare centre – From attendee to care worker

17-year-old Luda lives in the south of the Republic of Moldova, in the town of Vulcănești. At her age, she is one of very few young women attending high school. And that is not all: In fact, she is so successful that she has already received awards for her achievements. This success is also because wortundtat has been able to support her development for many years.

For ten years, Luda has been attending the Pearl daycare centre funded by wortundtat. While she simply took part in the programme like the other children, she has been increasingly helping at the facility since she was 14. She supports adults at work and now she also makes her own offers.

Linguistically gifted

Very early on, it became clear that Luda had a talent for languages. So, she got tutoring in English at Pearl together with a group of other young people. She speaks English so well today that she can already offer English lessons to the youngest pupil at the daycare centre. She is also involved in dance and sports, bringing her commitment and inventiveness to these spheres.

Luda comes from the simplest of backgrounds. The fact that she has been able to exploit her opportunities and talents so well has a lot to do with Pearl’s support. She said in 2018: “The four of us live in a small house: my brother, my father, my grandmother and me. I share a room with my grandmother. All the clothes I have, I got from Pearl or from other people. Once a month, we also receive a food parcel from Pearl. My father works very hard and travels a lot. I don’t see him very often. But he does his best and loves us very much. He wants us to have not just enough. But the money he earns is not enough”.

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Being accepted

But it’s not just the practical help that she likes so much about Pearl, and which motivates her to take part. Luda says: “The carers accept you for what you are. That’s why I feel free here and I like spending time with children. I especially like it when all the children meet to sing songs together about Jesus and faith. The way I teach the children something is so I can learn something back from them. And I believe I can also be a role model for their lives”.

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With Luda in the daycare center

The town of Vulcănești …

… is located deep in the south of the Republic of Moldova. For the approximately 11,000 inhabitants, very few jobs exist. Many people work as day labourers or earn a little money by selling fruit, vegetables or small goods at simple market stalls.

Most children attend school for nine years. Since there are hardly any apprenticeships, job prospects after finishing school are extremely limited. They earn their living working odd and semi-skilled jobs. Young people who go to high school often move to other cities to study or learn a trade.

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