Distribution of food parcels in Athens, Greece during the Covid-19 lockdown

15. October 2022

15. October 2022


Donations that arrive – wortundtat has been awarded the DZI Donations Seal, every year for 30 years.


We are repeatedly asked whether the money donated to wortundtat actually reaches the people who need help. We can without doubt say: Yes, donations made to wortundtat reach those in need!“ And this is no empty promise: The Deutsche Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen “DZI” (German Central Institute for Social Questions), DZI, regularly assesses whether the standards set by the institute for handling donations are complied with; wortundtat has been meeting these standards since 1992, the year the DZI was established. And this year, too, we have once again been awarded the DZI donation seal of approval – this makes 30 years in a row.

The DZI donation seal certifies that donations are managed responsibly

The DZI explains the seal on its website: It "proves that an organisation manages the funds entrusted to it carefully and responsibly. And furthermore: Seal organisations voluntarily undertake to meet the DZI standards and thus to meet the highest quality standards. They are efficient, work transparently, operate sparingly, and provide factual information and have effective control and oversight mechanisms in place. In this way, they ensure that donations serve the charitable purpose.”

Two issues that we would like to highlight in this context:

  • The proportion of costs that wortundtat uses for advertising, public relations and administration is classified as “low” by the DZI. For the DZI, “low” means that an organisation uses less than 10 percent of its budget for such purposes. And up to 30 percent of expenditure is still considered “justifiable” by the DZI. wortundtat falls far below this benchmark.
  • We can claim without exaggeration that all donations to wortundtat – whether they are donations received for a specific purpose or donations just made to the charity – all reach the people in need. This is possible because all expenses for advertising, public relations and administration are covered by the DEICHMANN Foundation, which supports wortundtat

So, you can rest assured that the money you donate will go where it is needed to really help people in an emergency situation. Click here for our donation form

If you are interested, also look at our Listing at the DZI.

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