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Annual accounts 2012: investments to help people in need increased by about 230,000 Euros

During the past year, the overall expenditure for the work of wortundtat rose to € 7.7 million (+ 3 percent). The increase exclusively benefitted our projects: compared to the previous year, less than € 2,000 were spent on public relations, advertising and administration costs, whilst all projects – with the exception of our Work in India – had more funds available, € 233,000 in total.

The by far largest project in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh did not require any unforeseen building work or acute major emergency aid. As a result, expenditure for the numerous measures was € 308,000 below that of the previous year. A different picture emerged from our Work in Tanzania: due to extensive building activities and the expansion of various facilities on the KIUMA grounds, investments of about € 340,000 more were required compared to 2011. At € 2.04 million, the budget for KIUMA was about 20 percent above the level of the previous year.

At € 692,000, the work of the Medical-Diaconal Centre Gloria in Moldova, where a number of investments had been made for existing and new projects, received about 22 percent more than in the previous year.  The staff of Hellenic Ministries, who among other set up a new medical centre, increased their budget by ca. 15 percent to € 380,000, whilst at € 253,000 in Dortmund’s Star in the North, mainly young people benefitted from a rise of ca. 12 percent compared to 2011.

Donors trust in the work of the aid organisation


wortundtat founder Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann, who whenever possible, closely follows the work carried out himself, is grateful for the opportunity to help. He said: “I am particularly pleased that more and more people are interested in our projects and make donations to support our cause.”

As in the past, the expenditure for public relations, advertising and administration costs were covered by a special donation. As a result, the net value of every privately donated Euro will directly benefit people in need.

Since the foundation of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI), wortundtat has been awarded the seal of approval for its work in straight succession. According to its own account, “The mission of the DZI is defined by the statutes as a collection/information/research centre covering the complete area of social work, with particular consideration of the requirements in practical welfare work. The DZI Donation Seal certifies organisations in financial transparency, operational efficiency and good governance”