Creating transparency – with regard to the work of our organisation and to how we use your donations

wortundtat has one principle: we make sure that all donations of friends of the organisation, supporters and all others reach the people in need in full. The aid organisation is able to guarantee this because all administrative expenses as well the costs for public relations work and advertising are covered by a special donation of the Deichmann Foundation.

On the one hand, we give our partners in the projects much scope with regard to organising their work. On the other hand, we provide continuous support and make suggestions or give help where we feel that even more effective aid would be possible. The objectives of our work and the ways how the organisation and its organs work, have been enshrined in our charter. An independent advisory board supports the work of the organisation with further ideas and suggestions.

In addition, independent auditors check our accounting in regular intervals. So far we have been granted their unqualified auditor’s opinion.

More than 50 percent of the project expenditure goes to our Indian projectpartner AMG India International. More than half of the income is provided by the Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann Foundation.

Further details concerning the year 2018 as well as like-for-like figures from previous years are available on our german page.