Poor pensioners

In Moldova, in particular the elderly are fighting for survival

1:1 > These figures do not represent a football result, but the ratio expected in Moldova for 2020 in respect of people paying into the pension fund and those who receive money from the pension fund*. In other words: in four years, one employed person shall feed one pensioner. This doesn’t add up. Hence, the elderly population in Europe’s poorhouse will have to continue to rely on help. wortundtat partner Gloria already has an eye on these people.

The number of people in work has halved within a decade

The workforce in German-speaking countries has also been reduced, which means that increasingly more pensioners have to rely on fewer people to pay for their pension: currently two people are working for one pensioner – double the number of Moldova. However, there the economy has slumped and forces many people of working age to find a job abroad. 15 years ago, there were still 1.5 million people subject to social insurance contributions; today, we are looking at half this figure. Poverty, which is prevailing in any case, is therefore almost inevitable for the elderly and has increasingly become a daily question of survival.

Help in various areas

Food, clothing, accommodation, health and care – there is a shortage of everything. Hence, the area of responsibility of the two projectpartners in Ceadir Lunga is accordingly comprehensive. People in need receive free medical examinations and treatments at the Medical-Diaconal Centre Gloria with associated specialist clinic. A soup kitchen, the clothes chamber and a laundry with bath and utility room provide the elderly with the essential necessities of everyday life. A construction unit is at hand when the elderly and other poor are living in houses, which are in danger of collapsing. Those, who not even have a roof over their head, can find shelter in the hostel for the homeless.

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You would like to help? The people in need are grateful for any kind of support.

*Source: World Bank (as at: 2016)