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A glass of milk per day to give children a better start in life

850 > Being provided with this daily minimum amount of calories, a one-year old child has a good chance of growing up without health problems. However, children of poor families in India often come nowhere near this basic requirement. Hence, the distribution of milk by wortundtat projectpartner AMG India International can make a vital contribution to ensure that the youngest stay as healthy as possible during their first years of life.

Malnutrition of mothers…

Breastmilk is the optimal basis for a person’s health development. It contains protein, important vitamins and minerals. In order for young mothers to be able to breastfeed in the first place, they need sufficient and well-balanced nutrition. In the Indian slums, however, hardly any mother has enough to eat.

… result in poor nutrition in babies

In most cases, the lack of breastmilk also has far-reaching consequences for their babies, as poor nutrition often results in physical, motor and mental mal development. The list of possible consequences is long and reaches from a weakened immune system via malpositioned teeth and skeleton up to mental handicaps and life threatening diseases. Many of the damaging health effects, which develop during a child’s first two years, can no longer be cured later.

Prevention is better than curing

A glass of milk a day, regular health checks and the provision of vitamins can help to prevent this. Even though cow’s milk does not have the quality of breastmilk it nevertheless contains important nutrients and calcium for children’s growth and their immune system. Hence, providing the children with milk is a simple but effective way to improve the starting conditions of the youngest among the slum residents. In several locations, women with babies and toddlers under two receive a ration coupon for a quarter of a litre (half a pint) of milk, which they are able to redeem daily in the facilities of the wortundtat partner. In doing so, wortundtat is currently feeding hundrets of newborn babies and small toddlers.

Would you like to support this project? Only € 2.50 per month is enough to provide a child under two with the necessary amount of milk for a month. This means it costs no more than € 30 – or € 60 until a child has reached its second birthday.

Milk for Indian babies

Just € 2.50 per month is needed to provide an Indian baby with a glass of milk each day.

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