8 Centres of Hope


Creating perspectives in rural areas

In the meantime, eight Centres of Hope exist in various locations in the Tunduru District. Over the past years, the buildings, which serve the respective village communities as a meeting point, vocational training centre, nursery school and a room for church services, were built with the help of wortundtat. In doing so, the aid organisation, in cooperation with its projectpartner KIUMA, supports the residents of the region directly in their home villages and towns.

Young people have both wishes and duties

In rural Tunduru District, facilities for vocational training are still thin on the ground. “Nothing doing” also applies to offers concerning childcare or a roofed space for the village community and communal life. wortundtat is closing this gap.

Young adults are the main beneficiaries: in most cases, families cannot afford to send their children to a larger town to take up an apprenticeship. However, to work in the fields to support their family, is not exactly what young people dream of when thinking about their future. They now have the opportunity to get vocational training in the Centres, without having to leave their home village or town. After two years, they have acquired fundamental skills, enabling them to work as joiner, bricklayer, metalworker or tailor, which might also benefit their village community. The newly trained skilled workers are now able to repair public buildings in the villages themselves, help constructing new buildings nearby or set up a small tailor’s workshop to alter or repair their neighbours’ garments. And during their training, they are still able to help their parents – for example by bringing in the harvest.

Multiple use is appreciated

Apart from that, the buildings also offer space for a childcare facility or a pre-school. The large hall, which is part of every Centre of Hope, is as much available to the village council to conduct its meetings as it is for the Christian congregation for its church services and assemblies. The villagers like the idea of multiple uses. The vocational training offers for young people are much sought after, as they make personal wishes and family duties compatible. The childcare places too are taken up in all houses.

By the way: constructing the Centres is only possible with the help of skilled workers, who learned their trade in KIUMA. In Namtumbo for example, up to summer 2016, large parts of the new location was realised by builders, who completed their training in KIUMA. Further Centres, which were completed in the same year, exist in Twendembele and Namwinyu.