725.000 victims

The mosquito is the world’s most dangerous animal

725.000 victims > neither tiger, nor snake it is the mosquito that is responsible for killing an enormous number of people. This makes the mosquito the world’s most dangerous animal to people. Our partners involved in the wortundtat projects in India and Tanzania help those, who cannot afford preventive medication or treatment.


Malaria, Dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis are the most dangerous infectious diseases in India. The carrier is the mosquito, which starts breeding at overflowing watering places when the Monsoon season begins in May/June and rapidly spreads a short time later. At the east coast of Andhra Pradesh the rainy season is particularly forceful. That is why in particular in this region of the subcontinent the medical facilities in Visakhapatnam and Chilakaluripet are an important point of contact for the sick. 


In Tanzania, the risk to catch a disease transmitted by mosquitos is especially high during the “long rains” in early summer. Apart from the vastly increased number of mosquitos, the people affected in rural areas are also faced with almost insurmountable problems caused by hardly passable roads and long distances. Medical facilities are almost out of reach. The KIUMA Hospital in the rural Tunduru District is the only of its kind within a 70-km radius – rescuing many who seek help in the region.