550 pupils

Education instead of work: School at the lime kilns gives children of day labourers the chance of a better future

550 children are currently attending the school at the lime kilns of Piduguralla. Our wortundtat partner has been active in the town for a good ten years, where they have looked after preschool and primary school children in provisional facilities. Hence, the children of lime kiln workers went to school and learned for a better future instead of sharing in their parent’s work.

After many bureaucratic obstacles had been overcome, a regular school building was built in 2015. The classrooms were quickly filled and our Indian partner is considering expanding the school’s capacity in 2018 or 2019. However, a number of framework conditions have to be sorted until a decision can be made. For example, in the meantime some lime kilns have seized to operate and the city has built new public schools. However, it is not yet clear whether these will be sufficient to take on the equally increasing number of potential pupils.

wortundtat is also contemplating how to enable older girls to stay in education for longer. Whilst many boys, who leave the primary school at the lime kilns, move to the wortundtat boarding school in Chilakaluripet, which is about 60 km away, girls, without exception, stay put. This obviously increases the probability that they will not obtain any further education, which means for many girls that they will hardly ever have another perspective apart from the hard and precarious work as a day labourer.