405 Beneficiaries


Monthly aid parcels ensure survival

405 > In April, staff of the Indian wortundtat partner distributed 405 aid parcels containing food and other everyday necessities to blind people and those infected with leprosy and HIV in two small villages in the Guntur district. Each month, AMG India International supports over 1,000 people in this region, about 10,000 in the wider area. Without this help, none of them would know how to survive the next week.

Emergency aid

Chronically ill and disabled people have a tough life as often they do not have the energy to help themselves. wortundtat realises this hardship and also helps where aid does not have the effect to enable people to live an independent life one day. The aid organisation does not want people having to fend for themselves, but it wants compassion being shown to the less fortunate. Hence, food rations supplement the income from work, yields from smallholding agriculture or the few Rupees they manage to get through begging.

The parcels mainly contain basic Indian food: ten kilogram rice, two kilogram lentils and a litre of oil for cooking and frying. These form the basis to enable the poor to meet their daily nutritional requirements. In addition, soap for personal and domestic hygiene shall protect the weak against further diseases.

Perspectives for the future

Apart from distributing food rations, helpers also try – as far as possible – to help the poor finding a job. Many children from these families are able to use the care and education offers of the wortundtat partner, giving them the chance to assume responsibility for their own life later.

The two villages Tenali and Ponnur mandal in the Guntur district are part of a wider AMG aid campaign. Helpers distribute similar rations in further eight towns and regions. Overall, the aid organisation provides about 1,000 people a month with this kind of support.