3 greenhouses

Homeless in Ceadir Lunga: gardening has a lot of benefits

Three greenhouses can be found in the garden of the homeless shelter of our Moldovan partner Gloria in Ceadir Lunga. The buildings, which were erected in 2017, help severely ill alcoholics to regain some dignity and self-respect. Here and also in other places, residents of the shelter, who are fit enough,get the opportunity to lend a hand.

An offer to be active

Pottering about in the garden benefits many people. And people who also grow fruit and vegetables are proud of their own products. The helpers of our wortundtat partner Gloria in Ceadir Lunga are also aware of this and let residents of the homeless shelter take over minor tasks in and around three new greenhouses. Many men living there are alcoholics; they have given up on themselves and are scarred both physically and mentally.

After an initial recovery phase, it is a great help to many residents to be once again trusted with tasks and to get a kind of daily routine. Due to unemployment, addiction and homelessness, most of them had given up on both. Many of the people affected still remember how to rake beds, weed and harvest fruit or vegetables from their ‘former’ life. Some residents also get the chanceto take over tasks outside the grounds of the shelter.

Responsibility returns dignity

The tasks, the residents of the shelter do, are not an end unto themselves: since summer 2017, the canteens of the Gloria facilitiesuse the home-grown tomatoes, other produce and plenty of eggs from the small henhouse to prepare meals. The guests like it – and especially the gardeners are pleased about this. Due to the recognition of others, they once again get the sense of being wanted and to be useful.