25 years education

Training centre in India celebrates its 25th birthday

The training centre for various technical professions, the Industrial Training Centre (ITC), of our Indian Partners AMG India celebrates its 25th birthday. The facility provides training courses for seamstresses, electricians and electronic technicians; apart from that young people are able to graduate in a wide range of technical and mechanical jobs such as lathe operator, metal worker, welder, car mechanic and even civil engineer. Once they have acquired the necessary skills, young people stand a good chance of gaining a foothold on the Indian labour market – either as employees in the workshops and companies of the region or they can set up their own business and work independently.

Special aid for people from poorer sections of the population

The concept of paying apprentices is not known in India. On the contrary: anybody wanting to do an apprenticeship must normally pay for it. However, that is not something day labourers, fieldworkers, or parents from low-paid professions would be able to afford. Hence, a facility just like the one of our Indian partner is almost crucial, particularly for people from poorer sections of society. The ITC does not charge any training fees and as a result several generations of pupils have been able to graduate from the Centre since 1993. Many of them found employment, which enabled them to look after themselves and their family. The air-conditioning technicians Prasanth Kumar und Shaik Junil are two of many hundred examples for such success stories. Today, Shaik is even in charge of a business that employs, believe it or not, 25 staff.

And this is not all: as the region has no similar training facilities, companies in and around Chilakaluripet, the location of the ITC, are also grateful for well-trained skilled workers. Graduates can almost rely on the fact that they will get a job – there is hardly any waiting time between graduation and employment. AMG has received many letters from companies. They bear witness to the great value of the training and to the social competencies of former ITC pupils; they also confirm that companies like to employ ITC graduates.