24th of december

24th of December – not a day like any other

The most important number in December is of course the 24. On this day, people all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Emphasis is also given to this in the wortundtat projects. Christians say that Jesus is the son of God. And they are convinced that he came to earth to save mankind. People without hope, without love, without a home. People who irritate us, who nobody wants. He came especially for them. For each and everyone of them.

Consolation and encouragement for the poor

Poor people, who meet wortundtat helpers in the projects and who hear this message, are given consolation and encouragement. Many find a new lease of life and would like to know more about this Jesus. Hence, in the run-up to Christmas, the project partners arrange special events, such as small parties or special church services. The photo for example, shows Christmas celebrations organised by our Greek partner. Refugees, who came to Greece during the past years and who received help from wortundtat, have rehearsed the nativity play. Their audience is also made up of refugees. Many come from the Near or Middle East. The fact, that their fellow countrymen bring the Christmas story home to them and explain it in their cultural context, makes it easier for them to understand.

There is a good message on every day of the year

Those, who are interested, have the opportunity of learning about Jesus Christ and the Bible all year round; they can acquaint themselves with his message of the love of Good for all people and learn to understand the hope, Christians associate with this message. However, our wortundtat partners support the poor independent of any religious or ideological belief. Nobody is excluded of essential help because of his belief or conviction.