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Refugees in Athens: help for women and children in need

Currently, about 100 women and children and counting are coming to the mother-child facility of the wortundtat partner Hellenic Ministries in Athens every day. Word about this facility gets around quickly. An increasing number of people in need are turning to the centre, which is specifically targeting refuges.

Women and children, who have fled crises, persecution or poverty, are the ones who often need support the most. Greece just does not have the resources required. At the Mother-Child Centre for refugees, those in need receive a wide range of services, for example:

  • They are able to have an examination at the gynaecologist and the paediatrician and receive basic medical care.
  • Child care gives the women a little time to exchange experiences with other women, to do their laundry or to visit the Centre’s clothes chamber.
  • Basic language courses provide visitors with basic skills of the English and Greek language.

The work at the Mother-Child Centre will probably be needed for a long time: new refugees are still arriving in Athens. This makes it even more difficult to receive aid from Greece, which is already stretched to the limit. For most people, asylum procedures, being recognised as a refugee or even finding a job, will not become reality.

You too can help

The women and children in Athens are happy about every donation, however small.