10 years

Small anniversary celebration in Moldova

The wortundtat chairman Heinrich Deichmann (5th from left) thanks longstanding Gloria employees: “Ten years might not be a long time in the history of countries and regions. But ten years of Gloria have created a lot of good. It is only too right that we look back on this period with gratitude and thank all of those who have done this wonderful work."10 years have passed already, since the Social-Diaconal Gloria Centre began its work in the small town of Ceadir Lunga in Moldova. To celebrate this anniversary, wortundtat chairpersons Heinrich and Susanna Deichmann had come from Germany and the German Ambassador Dr. Julia Monar from the Capital.

“The Gloria Centre goes far beyond financial aid. I am deeply convinced that first and foremost human affection, which staff gives to visitors, makes their work effective”, said the ambassador. She was impressed by the range of offers, which, with German support, each year helps many hundred in particular elder residents of the small town of Ceadir Lunga.

“Quality of life, hope and perspectives”Many unfortunate people need time to get back to a normal life. The man on the right spent a long period in a homeless shelter. But now he has succeeded in going home and returning to his wife.

“What you and your work give the people here, are quality of life, hope and perspectives. Your projects are an example of voluntary commitment, perseverance and creativity”, said the ambassador in her address before employed and voluntary Gloria staff, representatives from politics and administration and about 500 other visitors.

Following the official part of the celebrations, the ambassador visited the hospice in Ceadir Lunga, which has been funded by wortundtat. It is the first residential facility for dying persons in the entire country. 

The German Ambassador Dr. Julia Monar (2nd from right) and wortundtat chairman Heinrich Deichmann (left) made a joint visit to the hospice, which is funded by wortundtat. Accompanied by deputy wortundtat chair Susanna Deichmann (right) and Marion and Dr. Gert Maichel they had the work of the hospice explained to them.Doors in the town are open

Heinrich Deichmann had launched the support for the project in Moldova, the so-called poor house of Europe, about ten years ago. Now, he used the occasion to thank staff for their extraordinary work for the benefit of the people in Ceadir Lunga.

The representatives from politics and administration also expressed their gratitude for the special commitment and the cooperation with Gloria. “This relationship has developed beautifully. Ten years ago, the town officials showed great reservations towards the facility and its employees, who did not hide the fact that they were Christians. Today, all doors are open to us”, said Gert Maichel, who, together with his wife Marion supports the project from Germany.