195 trees planted

Schüler pflanzen Bäume

Pupils plant 195 trees in the school yard

Pupils of the eighth and ninth form planted 195 trees in the grounds of a school of our Indian partner. Overall 200 young people participated in the action, which was part of their biology lessons. Initially, they gained theoretical knowledge of the significance of trees for protecting the environment. This was followed by practical work. Over the coming months, they will ensure that the plants grow well and provide the school yard with shadow in years to come.

“Indispensable part of the environment”

They were proud of being allowed to write a few sentences for the report on our website. Pikki Mariyadasu attends the ninth form. He explained: “Trees are an indispensable part of the environment. Without trees, we cannot live on this earth. Trees provide human beings and all other creatures with protection, fruit, wood, oxygen, active ingredients for drugs and a lot more. Trees can absorb damaging CO2 and release oxygen. Every time we fell a tree, we end a life. Hence, we should preserve particularly rare trees. We should treat them with care.”

“Trees are our natural friends

Mädchen pflanzen Baum

Together with some fellow pupils, Sireesha (kneeling) plants a tree.

Para Sireesha says: “Planting trees is very important. The probably most important benefit of trees is that they provide us with life-giving oxygen. Living creatures cannot survive without oxygen. Trees also give protection to birds and other animals. Trees are our natural friends. Hence, we should plant more and more trees for a better future.”

“Help to save trees“

And Surada Abhishek knows: “Planting is necessary in many ways. Plants are God’s gift to all living organisms. Trees are good for the environment. We all know that trees are the source of oxygen. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Plants provide us with fresh and clean air so we can breathe. They also have other benefits: for example they can be used as medicinal herbs; they provide firewood or maintain the ecological balance. I like planting trees and water the plants every day after school. It is my hobby. Trees are ‘universal food producers’. I therefore ask you to save trees as well!”