179 garments

Clothing for refugee women and their children

In 2018, 19,054 garments and shoes were distributed by the helpers of our Greek partner Hellenic Ministries (HM)  among refugee women and their children. Combined with 2017, overall 37,299 pieces were distributed. The fact that the clothes chamber is only open twice a week means that each time 179 garments on average went “over the counter”.

Eben-Eser – Stone of Help – is the name given by the Greeks to the clothes chamber in the Mother-Child Centre right at the centre of the capital Athens, which is predominantly used by women from Africa and the Middle East. Each month, 100 women on average come to the facility to get second hand clothes. However, the Greeks want to help as many women as possible: anybody who has visited the clothes chamber may ask for more clothes in four months at the earliest. And each woman may only take as much as she really needs.

Apart from the clothes chamber, the house offers a number of other facilities, among them a paediatrician, a gynaecologist, a crèche, a small laundrette as well as possibilities to learn and to meet others. All of these are for women, who – often without their partners – have been stranded in Athens as refugees and their children. Our partner runs a similar centre for couples with children or singles.