The latest figure

Schüler pflanzen Bäume

Figures tell stories and explain facts, coherences and procedures. With our “Latest figure” we want to show why subjects like these are particularly close to our heart:

195 – Trees planted

Pupils of the eighth and ninth form of one of our Indian schools planted 195 trees in the school yard. Read on ….

179 – Clothing for refugee women and their children

In 2018, the helpers of our Greek partner distributed on average 179 garments during each day the clothes chamber was open. The clothes chamber supports refugee women and their children. Read on ….

33 – Firewood for Moldovan families

33 families receive firewood from the day care centre of our Moldovan wortundtat partner. The team takes care that children can at least enjoy a bit of warmth at home during the winter. Read on ...

45 – Workshop to design the future

45 members of our Indian wortundtat partner AMG met with wortundtat representatives in a future-oriented workshop in the Indian city of Chennai.  Read on ..

344 – KIUMA is getting a new energy supply concept

Over the past weeks, 344 metal carriers have been screwed manually, and above all running, into the grounds of the KIUMA site. They will carry future photovoltaic cells, which are part of the new energy supply concept of our wortundtat project in South Tanzania.  Read on ..

400 Starting point for needy women and their children

The 400 square meters provided by the mother-and-child center of our Greek partner are fully utilized to help refugee women and their children stranded in Athens. Read on ...

25 – Training centre presents an opportunity for a better future

The Indian wortundtat projectpartner has been training young people in technical professions for 25 years. Read on …

550 – School at the lime kilns educates children of day labourers

550 children are currently attending the school at the lime kilns in the Indian town of Piduguralla, where wortundtat has been active for a good ten years. Read on …

24 – Not a day like any other

On the 24th of December people all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Emphasis is also given to this in the wortundtat projects. Read on …


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