wortundtat helps the poorest of the poor in Africa, India and in Europe

Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann founded the private Christian aid organisation wortundtat in 1977. Since then the organisation provides a wide range of aid for the poor in India, Africa, Moldavia and Greece. In the meantime over 200,000 people in need have benefited from this work. The name stands for the programme: wortundtat brings the message of God’s love and his offer of reconciliation through Jesus Christ to the people with no hope. At the same time, the non-profitmaking and charitable organisation is supporting the poorest of the poor with many practical offers of help in the social and medical sector – true to the motto: „God loves the people – we tell them about it in word and in deed.“ Since the passing away of the company’s founder in autumn 2014, his son Heinrich and the Deichmann family have been continuing his work as he had originally intended.

Help over generations – How the work of wortundtat carries on

Help for over 35 years


The work started in 1976 with a journey to India. Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann visited projects of the Christian Organisation AMG India (Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel) in the Federal State of Andhra Pradesh. It is the objective of the organisation to improve the care of leprosy sufferers and the Christian faith. On his travels Dr. Deichmann saw the deformed faces of the leprosy sufferers and arms and legs without hands and feet. „Confronted with something like that one can only run away or help“, he said later. From that moment on he made the cause of AMG India his own. In 1977, Dr. Deichmann founded the aid organisation wortundtat as the German partner organisation of AMG India. The concept operates on the principle to help the locals to help themselves. wortundtat lends its support.

Help was quickly expanded

The work began with helping leprosy sufferers in the Indian Federal State of Andhra Pradesh. But that was just the beginning: in cooperation with AMG India, wortundtat among others supports milk feeding projects in the slums of the cities, nursery schools, schools, adult training programme and youth training centres. Apart from that, hospitals, infirmaries and villages were built for leprosy sufferers and their families. Another project, this time in Greece, was also started at the end of the seventies: wortundtat supports Hellenic Ministries whose main objective is to look after refugees and to offer Bible Retreats for young people.

Since 1996, wortundtat has also been active in Tanzania. The local KIUMA Project in the underdeveloped southern region of the country stands for schools and education, medical assistance and development of the agricultural infrastructure. Another project was started in 2006: wortundtat supports a diaconal ward in the Moldavian city of Ceadir Lunga, where the poor, the sick and the elderly receive medical care and one warm meal per day; apart from that they can get clothing from the clothing store. Needy persons, who cannot come to the diaconal ward, will be looked after at their homes by a small medical team. Since 2009 wortundtat helps underprivileged families in Dortmund’s Nordstadt. This part of the city is a melting pot of people from many different countries.


God loves the people – a film about wortundtat from 2003