Can I work abroad for or on behalf of wortundtat?

Unfortunately we can’t help you here as we do not deploy missionaries or skilled workers or employees. We only cooperate with people who are already living in the respective countries. If not already done so, you should contact the organisation Christian Services International.

Jobs at wortundtat?

We do not employ staff at wortundtat. All work in Germany is carried out by some qualified employees on a voluntary basis. The project work itself is supported by local qualified experts.

Can I take over one or several sponsorships?

Yes! A small monthly contribution will enable a child from the stone quarries to go to school. Your help will be channelled via a class sponsorship. More information is available here.

What is the DZI-Spendensiegel?
The DZI-Spendensiegel (the seal of approval as a recipient of donations) can be applied for by all German tax-privileged organisations, which carry out national fundraising. It certifies among others the verifiable, prudent and statutory utilisation of donations taking the relevant provisions under tax law into account. The seal must be applied for annually at the German Central Institute for Social Affairs. 228 organisations were granted the Seal of Approval in January 2015.

How do I find a contact?

If you have a specific question concerning wortundtat and our projects or if you encounter a problem in individual areas, you can contact one of our employees directly via our contact page We will try to answer your questions as quickly and precise as possible.

wortundtat a guest at your community or event! Can I invite a speaker to our community or to an event?

Yes! Employees of wortundtat will be pleased to come to your community or to your event in order to give you a first-hand account of our work. Please contact wortundtat-unterwegs.

Support through wortundtat?

wortundtat is a missionary society financed by donations with its own projects in various countries. Our help in these countries is aimed at many different causes. We are in particular concerned about children, for whom we create improved opportunities for school and education and about the elderly and sick, who otherwise would be left to their own devices. There is so much to do in this area that we have to concentrate on our own projects.

Why are there wortundtat collecting tins in DEICHMANN and ROLAND branches?

Due to their Christian conviction the owner family of DEICHMANN SE has remained committed to the aid organisation wortundtat for over 30 years. wortundtat is a firm component of the social commitment of the consortium.

Administrative costs at wortundtat?

All donations benefit the projects without deduction. All administrative costs will be fully covered by a separate donation.