Deichmann Foundation

Ever since the founding of DEICHMANN SE, a commitment to social welfare has been part of the company’s identity. The Deichmann family and the company have therefore been supporting many welfare and social projects for decades through the DEICHMANN Foundation and have been involved in many areas of humanitarian aid. This commitment to society is founded on the Christian values to which the family feels bound. Projects supported by the Foundation are selected irrespective of the religious attitude of those promoting the projects.

Working with experienced partners

In all its projects, the DEICHMANN Foundation works with experienced partners whose work we scrutinise carefully. In this way, help reaches those who need it most. If you would like to help one of these projects, please donate giving the intended purpose. 100% of your donation will reach our project partner, because the DEICHMANN Foundation covers the costs of administration and publicity work. If more donations than are needed for a project are received, the surplus money is used for tasks with a similar aim and purpose. At the end of the year, you will automatically receive a donation certificate if you provide your name and address on the payment slip.

The video provides an overview of some of the projects that the DEICHMANN Foundation has supported in 2020.

Further information about this commitment will follow shortly.

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