Tropical storm in India


Emergency aid after tropical storm

Recently, cyclone “Fani”-English: “Mask of a snake”, which has been rated as extremely severe – battered India’s North East coast in the federal state of Odisha, close to the operational area of our Indian partner AMG. wortundtat was able to help some of the 1,3 million affected by the storm with initial emergency supplies.

The storm had destroyed large parts of the communication, transport and power supply infrastructure. Many of the mud huts of the rural population were not able to withstand the rain and wind. 34 people lost their lives. The fact that there were not more casualties is thanks to the timely evacuation by the Indian military.

The storm left many destitute

However, after the storm many survivors could hardly find their villages, never mind their possessions. Many had lost everything – their roof over their head, their household and personal effects, the chance to look after themselves. Most fields, self-sufficient gardens and coconut plantations had also been washed away. This was accompanied by scorching temperatures and extremely high humidity. In the days following the cyclone, the thermometer climbed to 42° Celsius.

Whilst the authorities were above all concerned with rebuilding the infrastructure, our partner witnessed that many destitute people had to fend for themselves. The government was supposed to distribute food; however, only people who were able to present a ration card, were eligible. Many had lost their card during the evacuation chaos.

Help without red tape

Hence, wortundtat and its partner helped about 2,000 households in need, which had been named by the authorities, in the most unbureaucratic way possible. As immediate aid, they received 10 kilo rice, 2 kilo red lentils, 1 litre cooking oil, 1 kilo sugar, 0.5 kilo salt, body soap, washing and bleaching preparations, two bed sheets, 1 box of candles, 1 litre fuel and a large plastic tarpaulin, which could be used to build an initial rainproof shelter.