Medical care for refugee children in Athens

The first children were examined at the social-medical centre in Athens mid-November. Since then, the paediatrician, who currently can only work on a voluntary basis for a few hours, has already attended several appointments. Her examinations revealed illnesses in case of almost all children, which have to be treated with medication. As far as possible, the necessary medication was made available and with the help of interpreters, the paediatrician informed parents how to administer it correctly. The mothers were very grateful for the opportunity to have their children examined. Some of them told of unspeakable hardships they and their children had to go through. Two examples are briefly described by the pictures at the top.

Our partners in Athens still have to struggle with the authorities. It is very complicated to get permission for the medical centre to work on a regular basis. However, the facility for the work of the paediatrician had been made available free of charge. Two dental chairs were also donated. They will probably arrive in the coming months.

Meanwhile, medical experts are reporting from Greece that medical care for both refugees and poorer Greeks had become increasingly worse. The experts explain that “healthcare is only available if people make significant contributions of their own, a hurdle, which for many in the population cannot be overcome”.

Christmas party for refugees is met with great response

Our partner in Athens was able to distribute blankets, shoes, winter jackets, pullovers and many other urgently needed things between the refugee families who had come to the Mercy Centre at the weekend of the third of Advent to celebrate Christmas together. A magician who performed some tricks also brought a big smile to the children’s eyes faces and all guests were able to eat as much as they liked. That way, several hundred refugees could also be gifted with the message of Christ’s birth. That these three evenings were a success was not least thanks to the efforts by the voluntary helpers. Together with the increasing responsibilities taken over by Hellenic Ministries, it is a pleasure to see that their number is also growing.

A video gives an impression of the celebrations. Please find further wortundtat videos on our YouTube channel.