Opening 2

Heinrich Deichmann opens two new Centres of Hope

During a visit of the wortundtat partner KIUMA in August 2016, wortundtat chairman Heinrich Deichmann opened two new multipurpose halls for village communities. Almost all residents of the villages of Twendembele and Namwinyu in the Tunduru District enthusiastically took part in the celebrations. Heinrich Deichmann said at the opening ceremony: “My father began the work with Dr. Matomora Matomora here. I will continue this work according to his philosophy”. The wortundtat founder Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann had almost to the day four years ago laid down the foundation stones for the buildings.

Education, Church, Meeting Place

Centre of Hope is the name given to the public buildings by KIUMA; five villages in the Tunduru District already have one. Now, two new ones were opened in Twendembele and Namwinyu. The villagers are able to use the buildings for a wide range of purposes: children attend kindergarten. Young people complete a two-year training course as joiner, bricklayer or tailor. The large hall is the meeting point for the village community and the Christian congregation holds its services here.

The people are pleased with the new facilities: the kindergarten places for example were snatched up within no time everywhere. And the training opportunities for young people are very much sought after. Anybody learning there is able to help her or his parents in the fields before and after school. This is a strong argument in a region, where almost all residents are relying on their harvests to survive.

Centres a welcome addition to education facilities in KIUMA

The fact that many families need all hands on deck at home explains the popularity of the Centres of Hope as public education facilities. However, compared to the central education centre in KIUMA, studies at the centres cannot be undertaken at the same intensive level. Having said that, the skills obtained within two years ensure that the graduates are able to find a job in the little developed villages or that they are able to keep their head above water by having a second job.

Further information and stories on 20 years of KIUMA are also available in Magazine 2016/03 (german version).