Back to Afghanistan

In 2014, after a dramatic escape via Turkey and the Mediterranean, the Afghan Masud had arrived in Athens. He is now considering returning to his home country. In Athens, he learned about the Christian faith from our Greek wortundtat partner Hellenic Ministries (HM) and began to see a deeper meaning in his life. By talking about the Good Message that Jesus loves everybody without prejudice, he wants to bring hope to his fellow countrymen.

His decision to join the Christian faith had a live-changing effect on Masud: instead of fleeing from Greece towards Central Europe, he remained in Athens, where he began to speak to his fellow countrymen about his faith. In order to gain more qualifications for this task, he attended a course of Bible lectures, travelled to conferences in Sweden and Germany and learned from other Afghan Christians. Eventually, in cooperation with them, he founded a Christian congregation in Athens, which after only three years already has over 70 members.

However, for quite some time now he has been increasingly thought about returning to his native country to tell people there about the Gospel. “God sees the hardship of the Afghans”, says Masud and describes encounters with fellow Afghans who fled their country. Escaping from their homeland had broken them. And it was not easy for refugees in Greece either. There was only insufficient integration support, asylum procedures were lengthy and the chances to enter the already strained Greek labour market were only slim.

Masud is sure that Afghans, who have been traumatised by decades of war, urgently need new hope. Hope, of which he, as a fellow Afghan can talk about with another kind of persuasiveness than for example European Christians, who travel the country.

You can read more of Masud’s experiences in Greece in edition  4/2018 of the wortundtat magazine (german edition).