A warm late autumn in Moldova, the poor house of Europe

Last winter, we and a cameraman went to Moldova to document the life of the people living there and the work of the wortundtat helpers at the social-diaconal Centre Gloria. It was not a coincidence that we chose a time so late in the year. We wanted to show why people, in particular at this time of year, need our help so urgently: winter in Moldova is mostly very long and extremely cold – also a reason why people suffer so much hardship. They do not have the resources to heat their flats and there are quite a few who have to leave their derelict houses during the cold months, because the danger that their roofs might collapse under the masses of snow is too great.

Moldovans are grateful for warmer temperatures

However, winter took its time during our journey: temperatures at the end of November were reaching 20 degrees and the sun of the late Indian summer immersed the country and its residents in a pleasant light. The unexpected weather made filming of course a lot easier, as we didn’t need to protect the sensitive device and ourselves against wind and weather. However, the people living there must have been even more grateful: they enjoyed the few warm days before the first frost, which inevitably arrived shortly after we had left. During the coming months, dozens of people, who were trying to escape from the cold, looked for shelter in the various facilities, which wortundtat provides for this purpose in the city. Maybe another film will tell this story.

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