Christmas 2014

Project partners celebrate Christmas with aid recipients

Over the past weeks, helpers in our wortundtat projects also celebrated Christmas with aid recipients. Often, special meals were served. In many projects, helpers distributed daily essentials as small gifts. But that was not all. wortundtat believes that a good deed is not complete without telling people of the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hence, helpers in our projects told the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and explained what this event meant to people then and what it still means to people now: that Jesus had been put in a manger because the town’s citizens had no room for him and that shepherds – people, who then were not held in very high esteem by the population  – were the first to hear of His birth – this is a message, which has a particular appeal to the poorest of the poor, the abandoned, the refugees, the ones left behind and the ones left to their own devices. The fact that God as the Ruler of Heaven and Earth did not approach the world rulers first, but went to those with little prospect of experiencing luck and happiness, is also for the needy in our projects a consolation in hard times and genuine Good News. The pictures of Christmas parties from Greece and India may give some idea of the joy they gave.