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December 2016

  • Between six and fifty is the age of the pupils of an education project for Roma in a suburb of Athens, where wortundtat, in cooperation with its Greek partner, started an education programme for the ethnic group, which is discriminated against throughout Europe.
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  • Ravi Teja had to work extremely hard when he was a street urchin. He owes the fact that he is now able to study at a College in Vijayawada to a beneficial encounter and the wortundtat partner AMG. Read on


November 2016

  • The school by the stone quarry in Yeleswaram has sent us some impressive drawings. With pictures, they painted themselves, the Indian pupils want to thank their class sponsors and all other donors. Read on


October 2016

  • Senior citizens are an asset to any society. On the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons on 1st October, we shall explain why this is the case and why us younger people are responsible to help or support them. Read on


September 2016

  • Stories like these illustrate the way wortundtat works: Having the opportunity to go to a KIUMA school enabled a young man to fulfil his professional dream. Read on A former pupil in India motivates other to learn. Read on


August 2016

  • During his visit in KIUMA, wortundtat chairman Heinrich Deichmann opened two Centres of Hope. Read on


May 2016

  • Current figures demonstrate the still high infant mortality in India and Tanzania. With the help of targeted mother-child projects, wortundtat wants to improve the chances of survival of babies in particular in rural areas. Read on


April 2016

  • The successfully completed extension of the hospice in Moldovan Ceadîr Lunga helps to meet the high demand for care. Read on


March 2016

  • Seven million of the Indian population live without access to clean drinking water – especially in rural areas. We explain within the scope of the World Water Day on 25 March 2015, why the “Drilling wells” project is important – especially now. Read on


February 2016

  • Maisha Salum Hasani ist student of the first year of the teachers training center (TTC) in KIUMA. Read on


January 2016

  • We thank all people who have supported us in the last year with prayers and donations.


December 2015

  • As increasingly fewer refugees arrive in the north of Lesvos, helpers are now able to provide assistance in other places, among other at the EU Hot Spot near Moria. Read on


November 2015

  • The help, which the wortundtat partner provides for refugees on Lesvos, is also praised by representatives of the UN High Commissioner for refugees. Read on


October 2015

  • A positively influenced curriculum vitae is always worth to be told: A former KIUMA pupil from Tanzania is now a senior doctor at the KIUMA Hospital. Read on And the Indian Venkata Rao is an IT specialist today. Read on


September 2015

  • War and poverty are driving an unprecedented number of refugees to Europe. An important intermediate stop for many is Lesbos. In cooperation with its Greek partner Hellenic Ministries, wortundtatis preparing an aid campaign on the Greek Island. Read on


August 2015

  • The founder of wortundtat, Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann passed away in October 2014. How will his work be continued? We were in India to find out. A video report


January 2015

  • Leprosy has not yet been eradicated and does occasionally even reach European shores. Our Indian projects provide many thousands, who are affected by this disease, with regular help. We have compiled an overview to mark World Leprosy Day on 25 January 2015. Read on

December 2014

  • Over recent weeks, helpers in some wortundtat projects celebrated Christmas with aid recipients. Read on

October 2014

  • In October, a tropical storm in the Indian city of Visakhapatnam destroyed the livelihood of many thousand people. wortundtat helped to provide initial aid. Read on
  • “Jesus has lifted me towards a meaningful life.” – Obituary for Dr. Deichmann / Read on

September 2014

  • The construction of the school by the limekilns is making good progress. The building already has a roof. Read on.
  • Catherine Chasuka, a pupil of the KIUMA Secondary School, is grateful that she, as a woman, has the chance to get a good school education. Read on.

March 2014

  • Following his graduation, Francis Lukoya becomes a teacher at the KIUMA Secondary School, where he already spent some years as a pupil.

January 2014

  • Meklina Stefano received a lot of support during her training at the KIUMA vocational training centre.

December 2013

November 2013


September 2013

  • Bernardo Mwingira tells the story how the KIUMA Crafts School changed his life for the better. read on


August 2013

  • Some children looked after by the Dortmund wortundtat project have grown fruit and vegetables during the past months. Now it’s harvest time. read on


May 2013

  • The film about Moldova – shot at the end of November 2012 – is now available on YouTube and our website. read on


March 2013

  • The former wortundtat pupil Shankar Rao made it from railway child to electronic engineering student. read on


January 2013

  • A paediatrician at the medical centre in Athens treated the first little patients. Their mothers tell of difficult fates. read on