Project overview

Help for an entire region

The KIUMA site is by the village of Milonde, about six kilometres in the west of Matemanga. North and south of the Tunduru District are two of Africa’s the largest nature reserves, the Selous and (in the neighbouring country of Mozambique) the Niassa Reserve. As important the protection of nature is – at the Tunduru District it is the main reason for the lack of development: there is only one connection to reach inland. No work had been done to it for a long time. In Central Europe, to describe the ca. 250 to 300 kilometre long piste as a “farm track” would be regarded as a compliment. It is only suitable for cross-country vehicles throughout the year, including the rainy season. It has been under reconstruction throughout since 2014. When the not yet developed sections have been completely tarmacked, transporting people and goods will be significantly faster.

The KIUMA site is the centre of the work of wortundtat in the Southeast of Tanzania: There are several education facilities and a hospital with about 100 beds. The large assembly hall of the secondary school for far over 1,000 people can also be used as a meeting room for the region.

Apart from that, wortundtat is also helping to develop the communal infrastructure in other places: In some villages of the district, helpers support the development of schools and community centres and provide residents with access to clean water – if required, new projects are added within and outside the KIUMA ground.