… of life

Living under difficult conditions

The people in the south of Tanzania are to large degree cut off from the outside world. Whilst television has arrived in the country only in the mid-1990ies, the Tunduru Districtis still waiting. Often, their mobile phone is the only electric device people have – however, not to make a call, but to be reachable. As hardly anybody has a power connection, people having to charge their battery, go to someone with a power generator.

Life takes mainly place outside.There are hardly any leisure facilities – sometimes a villager has a television set and lets – just like at the cinema – neighbours watch against payment.

Families are structured differently from Europe. In the mainly Muslim population a man normally has several wives. The average family comprises a man, three women and up to 20 children.Their chance to reach adulthood is by far not as great as in Europe: on national average, more than 38 of 1,000 children die before they reach their first birthday. In the south, this value is significantly higher.(Germany/Austria/Switzerland: 4 – 6 per 1,000). And whilst the average age of the Tanzanian population is about 17.9 years, the average of the German-speaking population in Europe is about 45.

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