Hospital for tens of thousands

The hospital, which was funded by wortundtat and opened in 2002, is the only accessible medical care centre for the residents in the district. Equipped with its own operating theatre, an x-ray department and a laboratory, it has, compared to other customary facilities, modern medical standards. The hospital focuses on treatments against malaria, respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis and the delivery ward. Patients are treated against a small fee – and anybody, who cannot afford to pay, receives the necessary medical care free of charge.

Doctors from different fields are looking after many big and small patients: the hospital wards comprise about 100 beds for women, men and children. Here and in the outpatient department, medical staff treats about 30,000 patients per year – and performs more than 2,000 minor and major operations.

Most of the nursing staff, who has been working at the hospital since 2010, was training at the nursing school, which is also run by KIUMA in its own grounds.

A big challenge, which will remain in Tanzania for quite some time is the number of well-trained doctors: concerning adequate healthcare for families, the World Health Organisation WHO recommends that at least 23 doctors provide care for 10,000 residents. In Tanzania, 100,000 citizens have to make do with just four doctors (source: WHO, as at 2014).