Medical facilities become accessible

Health statistics in Tanzania show alarming figures: of a thousand newborns, nearly 38 die within the first year (Central Europe: approximately 4)* – and in Tunduru this number is even much higher. The average life expectancy is 63 years (CE: about 80 years). Around 4.5 percent of the population are infected with HIV (almost 1.5 million of a total population of over 55 million / In Germany for example, the value lies at 0.15 percent.). Malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis and bacterial diarrhoea are the most common diseases, which can only be insufficiently treated in the few medical facilties in the villages.

This is one of the problems. Another is the distance to the next doctor: there are hardly any medically trained personnel in the region; the next hospital is 70 Kilometres away from KIUMA – impossible to reach without a car. And hardly anyone in this deserted region has (access to) a car.

wortundtat helps in many various ways: complicated diseases can be treated at the hospital, whilst the students of the nursing school assist in the medical wards of the villages.


* Source for all figure in this paragraph: CIA World Factbook / UNAIDS (stand 2019)