Sought after man


Francis Lukoya accepts teacher post in KIUMA

Teachers in Tanzania are urgently required. Whilst on average one teacher is in charge of 16 pupils in German schools, about 46 pupils have to share one teacher in the Southeast African state. The ratio in rural areas is even worse. It is therefore no surprise that someone like Francis Lukoya is a popular man: since mid-2013 he has been a teacher for sport and English.

Given that the education system is so poor, one can understand that teachers in Tanzania choose a school that provides optimal facilities and offers an attractive environment. However, after graduating from university, Francis Lukoya decided in favour of the far remote KIUMA secondary school. The next town is about 70 kilometres away. During the rainy season, the use of the link road, which is not very comfortable at the best of times, is restricted. And: there are no leisure facilities near KIUMA.


Young people in the Tunduru District very rarely have good schools in easy reach. Most of the pupils of the KIUMA Secondary School achieve comparably good grades.

But Francis Lukoya had another reason for his decision: “I promised the Head of KIUMA, Dr. Matomora, to return to the school once I had graduated”, says the young man who attended the secondary school when he was a boy. “It was not easy for me as a young person to go to KIUMA as the distance to my family is huge. But I wanted to use the chance to do something with my life and to improve my education.”

Growing up with seven siblings

Francis Lukoya grew up as the second-eldest of eight siblings. True, his father who is a pastor had a secure income and the family always had enough to eat, but the school in his local village never had enough text books or a sufficient number of teachers. And because of the simple conditions the family lived under the children were often sick and suffered from diarrhoea.

“Things were very different in KIUMA: we had clean water, electricity and when we were ill we could see a doctor. This was unusual, but somehow the whole environment inspired us to learn”, remembers Francis Lukoya the two years he spend in the facility supported by wortundtat. The 26-year old was also impressed by the way the staff treated each other: “People in KIUMA are nice to their neighbours and they help and support each other. I had not experienced this before. My parents always treated us with love and kindness but people in the neighbourhood did not know this feeling of togetherness.”