Senior doctor

Painful experiences

Senior doctor at the KIUMA Hospital: Mussa Nihuka

“We were five children at home – four boys and a girl. I was the eldest. My father is a municipal employee; my mother earns a little money with agriculture”, says Mussa Nihuka, senior doctor at the KIUMA Hospital.

Nihuka comes from Mamanga, a village in the remote south of the country – just five kilometres away from the wortundtat organisation KIUMA. “We were often hungry when we were children. Because there was hardly any clean water, we frequently suffered from diarrhoea and other illnesses. Life in Matemanga was not easy because our straw covered hut was not connected to electricity and of course we didn’t have any running water”.

During his childhood and adolescence, the 29-year old spent a lot of time fetching water for his family – in the same way as his contemporaries who came before and after him. The nearest well was so far away that every litre needed in the household required a major effort:going to the watering hole with a large bucket – filling the bucket – carrying it back. And this was repeated several times a day.







KIUMASchool as a stepping stone

wortundtat was able to help ensuring that Mussa Nihuka would achieve his goal: after primary school, he attended the secondary school in his local village for two years. However, he has no positive memories of the lessons:the teacher had not been reliable, the class size was very big and there was hardly any adequate teaching material available.

During the period of 2003 to 2006, he attended the secondary school in KIUMA. “Being at this school was not easy, because suddenly we had to perform. However, the most important thing I learned there was that it is possible to live under one roof with people who have different beliefs”, remembers the young man.

In spite of initial difficulties, he successfully completed his degree and building on this, he was even able to complete a medical degree in Dar es Salaam. Last September, he returned to KIUMA as a doctor and since then has been in charge of the local hospital.”