Out of the shadows



Bringing the region out of the shadows

Hope for young people

Bruno Maximilian Ndimbo is grateful: “I went to the best school possible and had the best teachers.”It is rare that a boy coming from the scrubland is able to say this. It is equally rare that today, as a trained car mechanic, he is able to feed his family and himself. This had been made possible by the Craftsman School of wortundtat partner KIUMA – and provident parents, who allowed their son to be trained far away from home.

Living in the Hinterland

Bruno comes from Malawisee. His home village in the scrubland of the Ruvuma region is 500 kilometres away from KIUMA. Here, people lived under the most basic conditions. They are far away from what we Europeans understand under civilisation. For example, once one has left Songea, the capital of the region, the journey involves many hours across bumpy dirt roads.

Bruno tells us: “My home was a straw hut without electricity and running water. My father was a village teacher. As his income was not sufficient, the whole family also worked a little piece of land, where every hand was needed. There were no training opportunities. ”The then 19-year old was very happy when KIUMA provided him with the chance of leading an entirely new life. Bruno remembers: “I could only rarely visit my family. But my new life with the people from the KIUMA project outweighed everything. Being there, I had everything, which I missed at home: ambitious teachers, good schoolbooks and the prospect that the right training would give me the opportunity one day to stand on my own two feet. ”This is what Bruno wanted most of all.

Knowledge and values

Today, Bruno lives in Songea. Being one of the few craftsmen in the region, he works in a private garage, which, due to its qualified work, enjoys a good reputation. However, Bruno also says that for young people like him KIUMA is more than a place, where they learn and obtain the necessary qualifications for material security. His explanation: “Apart from being taught so well in KIUMA, I was also impressed by the teachers, who treated us pupils with respect and appreciation. Today, I model the way I deal with other people on their conduct.”