Learned a lot


The KIUMA Hospital provided Saidi with a lot of knowledge of the human body

“My expectations have been met. I wanted to improve the living conditions for my family and myself. The nursing training in KIUMA made it possible”, says Schaibu Saidi Ngwenya, 22, and for 18 months a graduated nurse working at the KIUMA Hospital in South Tanzania.

When he was a child, he, his five siblings and his parents lived in poor conditions in Namtumbo, a district in the South of Tanzania, which has hardly any infrastructure: there is no water or electricity and training facilities and jobs are just not available. A single asphalt road through the entire region – from east to west – was only completed in 2017. There are no through roads from north to south.

Interest in the human body

“My parents are small farmers. Due to the fact that the region is so underdeveloped, we did not have an easy life at home”, reports Saidi. However, after primary school he was given the opportunity to first attend the secondary school at KIUMA and then from 2014 to 2016 to do his nursing training. “I was interested in this training, because I wanted to know more about the human body and learn how one can prevent and control infections in the population.”

Good relations with patients

Hence, he learned things, which people back home only know from hearsay. “I was very happy when I was able for the first time to professionally bandage wounds or give injections or help a woman giving birth”, says Saidi. He noticed how grateful patients were after treatment and how happy they were to go home with their health restored. “That way, good relations with patients are developed and the employer too is satisfied”, says the young man. At the same time, he feels the large responsibility, his job brings with it: “I know that a patient may get serious health problems if I fail to treat her or him properly.”

“I have learned a lot during my training and today I am financially independent of my parents. But I would like to gain more qualifications”, says Saidi. As soon as the internet connections improve at KIUMA over the next few months, he wants to start his further education by e-Learning.