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Career start, where electricity is a luxury

Adimu Saidi Mihuka has been a librarian and information analyst with the wortundtat aid project KIUMA since autumn 2015. New media are part of the 25-year old man’s working life. Why this is unusual: Adimu works in Matemanga, a small town in the Tunduru District, with a population of 3,000. The rural area in the South of Tanzania, where he grew up and still lives, is even now without regular power and water supply. Hence, the computer room in KIUMA, the modern workplace of the AMG graduate, is therefore unique for miles.

KIUMA made secondary school possible

“When I was a child, I lived with my parents and five siblings in a stone house without electricity.”The story, which Adimu tells begins exactly like the stories of many young Tanzanians living in rural areas. Life only started to take a different turn, when after having been a pupil in a village school for four years, the then 11-year old got the chance to be admitted to the KIUMA Secondary School, which was the only well organised higher education institutionin theregion. Adimu tells us: “During a presentation on the development of the Tunduru District, my parents met the Head of KIUMA, Dr. Matomora. They gladly accepted his offer of a place at a secondary school and I agreed.” What he liked best? “I wanted to better myself. And I liked the learning environment, the teaching methods and the fact that teaching materials were available – which is by no means a matter of course in Tanzania.”

Faith as the central power

Apart from that, KIUMA gives the young man the opportunity of deepening his knowledge of Jesus and the Bible. Mihuka says: “My family taught me to be a pious human being. And indeed, I regard religion as the beginning of all knowledge. I am grateful that there is a God and I believe the he helps to solve problems.” He goes even further: “For me, these values form the basis of dealing with people who hold different views in a peaceful and caring manner. This is of vital importance, especially in our country, which is home to a wide variety of tribes and cultures.” Hence, his time at KIUMA provided Mihuka with two different things: a stable system of values and successfully completed secondary school qualifications.

To the city and back

 Pioneers in the Tunduru District: teachers receive PC training. Afterwards, students will be introduced to modern technology.

Pioneers in the Tunduru District: teachers receive PC training. Afterwards, students will be introduced to modern technology.

Having passed all his exams successfully, for the 22-old the path was finally clear to pursue an academic career. His target: the College of the Tumaini University Makumira in Dar es Salaam, a metropolis with a population of almost five million on the Indian Ocean. The education centre offers a wide range of academic qualifications. Mihuka decided on a Bachelor of Arts degree with emphasis on Information and Library Sciences. Together with 25 other students, he learned computerprogramming and the management of complex data systems.

Having passed his exams successfully, he has now found his first job in his birthplace near KIUMA. As a young professional,he is not yet able to celebrate, but he already has big plans for his professional future: “I will become a specialist in international informationtechnology.”