Fruits of Labour


Your help is appreciated – stories about people whom KIUMA was able to help

Where the help of wortundtat arrives and how it is appreciated thanks to, among other, donations by many wortundtat friends in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is featured on these pages, based on individual examples. People, who have lived and learned in KIUMA, talk about their subsequent experiences.

Why not take an occasional look? We will publish new success stories in irregular intervals.

  • Bernardo Mwingira: The Crafts School at the KIUMA site changed his life
  • Athumani Rashid: A former KIUMA pupil returns to the secondary school as a teacher.
  • Meklina Stefano: She received a lot of support during her training and today is able to stand on her own two feet
  • Francis Lukoya: After his graduation, the young man makes good on a promise.
  • Catherine Chasuka: “One day I’ll return as a doctor”
  • Mussa Nihuka: The former KIUMA student is now a senior doctor at the KIUMAHospital.
  • Adimu Saidi Mihuka: The expert for modern media is a technical aid worker in rural areas.
  • Maisha Salum Hasani: First year students at the TTC – teachers training center
  • Samuel Emanuel Telela: KIUMA helped the young man with a liking for figures to make his professional dream come true.
  • Mpenda Said Abdala: Thanks to his training with KIUMA, the young father of two children is now able to stand on his own two feet.
  • Schaibu Saidi Ngwenya: The nurse gained a lot of positive experience during his training at the KIUMA Hospital.
  • Bruno Maximilian Ndimbo: To undertake his training at KIUMA, the boy from the scrubland travelled to KIUMA 500 km.
  • Sauda Issa Chimsala: The young woman waited a long time for her training vacancy.
  • Clara John Soko: The teacher decided in favour of a job in the remote south of the country.