Teacher training

Teachers from the region for the region

A lack of teachers is not only a German problem; it is a burden in particular also for developing countries such as Tanzania. As things currently stand, the Tanzania Ministry of Educationis already reporting 26,000 vacant teaching posts … and counting. According to UNESCO, this figure will increase to at least 406.600 by 2030 if nothing is done to rectify this situation.*

According to recent information we obtained, the rural Tunduru District would also need 450 teachers and ten to twelve secondary schools to satisfy requirements. Hardly anybody, who has lived in the richer and more developed north of the country, wants to take up a job in the south. Therefore, together with its projectpartner KIUMA, wortundtat has built the TTC – Teacher Training Centre. The educational facility, which was opened in autumn 2015, now trains up to 120 young men and women a year to become teachers (The story of Maisha Salum Hasani, a first-year pupil, is available here.). Most of the students have grown up in the district. Hopefully, many of them will be able to reduce the number of vacant teaching jobs in the region after their graduation.

The TTC offers the opportunity to gain further education: about half of the first year students are teachers from schools in the vicinity. After the classes, they themselves hold at primary schools in the region, they once again go to school for some hours to refresh and expand their knowledge.

*Source:  UNESCO Institute for Statistics (as at: October 2014)